Get ready to cozy up, Stockholm! The most anticipated event of the season is here – the Cuffin Season Party at Story Nights Stockholm! ❤️ 🎶

Music Vibes: Old school R&B, Amapiano, Afrobeats, Hip-Hop – the perfect mix to set the mood for cuffin season!

📅 Date: Friday 24th/11 
🕒 Time: 22:00 – 03:00 
🔞 Age: 23+
📍 Venue: Hilma, Stockholm


Welcome to Story Nights, where the beats tell tales and the dance floor becomes a canvas for your unique story. Immerse yourself in a night of rhythmic narratives, blending the sultry tones of R&B, the infectious energy of Afrobeats, the raw beats of Hip Hop, and the vibrant melodies of Amapiano.

At Story Nights, we redefine the nightlife experience, curating a playlist that weaves together the threads of your favorite musical genres. The ambiance is a fusion of sexy, modern, and unapologetically fun. This is not your typical night out; it’s an exploration of sound and movement, a celebration of individual stories converging on a single dance floor.

Our vibe is a perfect blend of sophistication and laid-back charm. No need for stiff and groovy, because Story Nights is all about letting loose, feeling the music, and creating your own narrative in every beat through dance, this is your stage.

Join us as we transform the night into a living, breathing tale of rhythm and connection. This is more than a party; it’s an experience. Welcome to Story Nights, where every beat is a chapter, and the dance floor is your canvas to write your story.

Frequently asked questions

A: You can buy tickets online through our website. Visit the Tickets page and follow the simple steps to secure your spot at the party.
A: While there’s no strict dress code, we encourage attendees to embrace the theme with glamorous or creatively themed attire. Dress to impress!
A: The Story Nights nightclub party is exclusively for guests aged 23 and older. Please bring a valid ID for entry.
A: Certainly! Table reservations are available. Contact our event team at support@stoynights.se for more details and to secure your reservation.
A: Stay up-to-date by following us on social media Instagram & Facebook for the latest announcements, behind-the-scenes content, and event highlights. You can also subscribe to our newsletter on the website.
A: Story Nights is a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience that combines storytelling with entertainment, creating a unique and immersive atmosphere for attendees.
A: The Story Nights party will be held in various venues to provide you with a variety of atmospheres. However, it is mostly held in Stockholm from 22:00 to 03:00.
A: Yes, we recommend checking local hotels or accommodations near the venue. Consider booking in advance for the best options.
A: Yes, a coat check service will be available for your convenience. Please note that there may be a fee for this service.
A: For further assistance, you can reach our event support team at [Support Email/Phone]. We’re here to help!