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Story Nights is a Stockholm based event brand. We put the atmosphere and sound in focus. Always looking to create a vibe and offer an extraordinary experience. Our co-value is always treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. And this means strictly no harassment, discrimination, bullying or any other unfair treatment or abuse of power. As we live up to these values we expect the same from our wonderful guests. However the NO.1 rule is to ALWAYS HAVE FUN!


Frequently asked questions

When is the next event?

Keep an eye at our instagram and facebook pages to be updated.

How can I attend your events?

We arrange different kind of events, some are invite only and some are available for the public and can be accessed through purchased tickets or guestlist.

Lost and found items

If you lost something at one of our events email us at support@storynights.se.

How to purchase the tickets

Link for the tickets are available above, on Instagram and Facebook. Restricted tickets can be purchased by the door.

Where are the events hosted?

The base of storynights is Stockholm Sweden. But shortly we will be hosting events in other cities and countries.

What kind of events do you host?

We host different kind of events and parties.

Can I DJ or perform at your events?

Yes, send your artist details at support@storynights.se and we will review it.

Do you collaborate with brands and influencers?

For fitting brands and influencers we are open for discussions.